About Us

About Flooring Service Company

Flooring service is family owned and operated. Our success is built on providing excellent products at competitive prices with a focus on superior service.

We, Flooring Service, strive to provide you with highest quality products, including laminate, hardwood, vinyl plank, tile, and carpet that accommodate every budget. Whether you prefer traditional, modern or contemporary design, we have great selection of products that will fit your needs.


Contact Flooring Service for all your flooring needs. We excel making your dreasms a reality. The quality of service we provide canot be beaten!


Your dream home is built from the floor up, your floors bring beauty and style that is lived on every day. Flooring Service London is here to help you realize your dreams. we are experts in our field. Our network of Professional Independent Contractors is experienced in the art of installing a wide range of flooring. We understand that every project is unique. Our depth of expertise and knowledge combined with our dedication to excellence make Flooring Service a partner you can trust with your unique flooring needs. To make your experience complete, aside from flooring, we also offer services to facilitate installation like removal of old flooring, subfloor preparation and furniture moving, ensuring your investment is taken care of and the installation goes smoothly, resulting in a beautiful long lasting floor.

Flooring Service Company

Our Promise

Flooring Service is committed to your satisfaction, we are committed to your safety, we are committed to helping you realize your dream home.


  • We promise that we will be focused on your satisfaction
  • We promise that your flooring will be installed by Industry Professionals
  • We promise that our Professional Independent Contractors will be background checked
  • We promise to be with you every step of the way with understanding
  • We promise that your investment is cared for and your inspiration realized


Realize your dream with the team you can trust.


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