Terms and Conditions for Installation Services

Cost of product must be paid in full prior to installation date.

Deposit of 50% of installation price is required prior to installation date. Minimum four (4) business days is required to change / or cancel installation jobs scheduled to avoid lost day charge. Lost day charge of $249 applies if customer decides to cancel or change installation within less than four (4) business days prior to installation.
Flooring Service will honor a 1 year installation warranty only for installs that it has invoiced for and completed, effective the date of completion.

Installation warranty applies to imperfections, defects and/or faults in installation from installer and does not include problems caused by acts of God, abuse, misuse, neglect, normal wear and tear, water damage/leaks, humidity and moisture issues, expansion and contraction, subfloor problems and floor squeaks. Our installers will try their best however; the removal of squeaks is never a guarantee.

The painting and caulking of baseboards, casings, trims and others are to be arranged by the homeowner after installation and is not the responsibility of the flooring installer.

Scraps, packaging and debris will be placed in an area on site as designated by the customer, if disposal option is not selected.

Customer must clear proposed work area of obstruction prior to the installer arriving on site.

Installer will only move dishwashers, toilets, vanities after a plumber has disconnected all plumbing.

Assume plus/minus an extra day to any given installation schedule.

Unknowns and surprises are common in construction. Upon any surprise, Anderson Floors will notify customer of changes in cost. It is the customer’s decision to agree or not, in which case the contract may be terminated if Anderson Floors cannot continue. Lost day charge of $249 applies if customer decides not to agree therefore resulting in contract termination – NO exception.

If Flooring Service Installers are to move furniture as part of the contract, they will not remove clothing, china, hardware, antiques, pianos, pool tables, electronics or any small items. They also will not assemble or dissemble any pieces. Installers will only remove pieces of furniture that have been emptied of their contents.

Customer must be available at end of the installation process for the inspection of premises and in order to close off his/her remaining balance.

Installation balance required immediately after completion of installation. There is no exception to this.

Balance must be given to installer or project manager upon completion. Failure to do so may result in the removal of the installed floors and/or communication with the authorities.

Flooring Service, installers or any labourers may have a claim against the customer for failure to pay for materials supplied or services performed and may enforce this claim by filing a lien against customers’ property.