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Our company has many options for flooring. Carpet & Carpet Tile is just one of these options. If you want to have your floors covered with carpet and you live in London Canada, we should be the first company you call. Because we will present you the best options for Carpet & Carpet Tile London Canada. We serve as the best Carpet & Carpet Tile store in London Canada. Carpet tiles are very hygienic, prevent the formation of harmful substances such as odor, moisture and dampness, and are easy to clean. For this reason, it is often used in offices. It is antistatic, it does not transfer the electricity generated in the environment to the human body, it grounds the electricity present in the human body. Carpet tile is a kind of carpet with high-quality yarn and base, consisting of a combination of parts that can be intertwined more than one. This type of carpet, also called office carpet or office carpet, is especially preferred in commercial offices and public buildings. Its application is practical and the fact that it has a wide variety of different pattern options is one of the main reasons for its Decency. It offers a stylish patterned surface on office floors.

What is Carpet Tile?

Carpet tiles; they are piece carpets that consist of square, rectangular carpet pieces. They are commercial type carpets that are produced in many sizes such as 48×48, 50×50, 60×60,100×100, 50×25, and 100×25 cm, and are especially used in commercial areas. In addition to being extremely simple to apply, it is extremely easy to modify and revise as a result of any deformation. The fact that they have so many pattern and color options is among the main reasons for their preference. In addition, the fact that it provides a design-oriented floor for the application area and adds a rich appearance is an additional reason for choosing carpet tile.

How is Carpet Tile Done?

Carpet tiles can be laid on any kind of floor that is flat, dry, clean, firm, and moisture-free and has no indentation protrusion. Jul. It can also be used on underfloor heating floors. However, in this case, the temperature should not exceed 20 °C. Tiled carpets should be laid on properly prepared and tiled floors after the necessary conditions are met. All crevices and cracks to ensure a smooth, level and uniform flooring, holes, bowls on the floor should be corrected. The floor should be smooth and there should not be any indentations – protrusions.

If the flooring is made on an uneven floor, the modular carpet tiles may not be laid in the same way. Recesses and protrusions, cracks, expansion joints, cavities, cut places located on the ground should be closed by patching with polymer-reinforced concrete. The floor on which the carpet will be laid should be firm, clean, dry, there should not be any paint, grease / oil, dust, dirt or foreign matter residues that will prevent the carpet from sticking to the floor. Jul. If there are pieces of glue left on the floor from the previous flooring, they must be removed from the floor. However, care should be taken in the selection of the substance to be used in the removal of old glue pieces. Solvent-based removers that will cause problems when they come into contact with the newly used glue should be avoided. Errors caused by dirty equipment used during glue removal or incorrect application of the described methods are not the responsibility of the glue or carpet manufacturer.

Carpet tiles should be brought to the place of flooring 24 hours in advance and the boxes should be opened to facilitate the adaptation of the carpets to the environment. Before starting the flooring process, it is necessary to find the most suitable adhesive and apply it to the entire floor with the help of a roller. Depending on the condition of the floor, it is necessary to wait between 10 and 25 minutes, after the adhesive becomes transparent, the Flooring process should be started. The ambient temperature should be at least 15 degrees. All tiles are made to be laid separately, separately.

The tiles should be laid close and tightly to each other during flooring, attention should be paid to the arrow markings under the tiles. The recommended flooring method for flooring tiles starts from the front of the door and continues to the middle of the room parallel to the main wall after flooring that area completely. Then the parts that will be laid, respectively, should be moved from this point

Carpet & Carpet Tile London Canada

There are 45×45, 50×50, 60×60 yarn types such as polyamide and polypropylene with tile sizes, etc. In addition, it is a commercial type carpet type that is manufactured and allows you to create carpet floors with different arrangement shapes. It is possible to expand the areas of use of carpet tiles according to many qualities, such as usage shapes, purposes of using carpet tiles. In addition, it consists October of two different structures, the base and the thread part. Our company is a professional company operating in London, Canada. It has hundreds of successful references on carpet tiles. It serves London and its surroundings with its experienced and expert staff. You can call us for free consultation and price information.

Why Should Carpet Tiles Be Preferred?

The fact is that it has very different sizes: Namely, it is produced in tile, roll and plank forms.

  • Antistatic and antiallergic
  • Acoustic Sound Insulation
  • It is resistant to water and stain, does not smell, moisture and dampness.
  • Cleaning with industrial cleaning supplies. It provides resistance to industrial and chemical cleaning products.
  • Compliance with fire standards.
  • Thanks to different colors and patterns, it is possible to make design applications.
  • It provides heat and sound insulation.
  • It provides comfort and high-quality appearance.
  • Ease of flooring and application.
  • Eco-friendly.

Carpet & Carpet Tile Cost at Canada London

Carpet tile prices vary according to many characteristics such as pattern, color, number of pieces, especially the size of the material. Carpet tiles are produced in different sizes such as 25 x 25, 45 x 45, 50 x 50, 60 x 60 and each of them has different pricing. Carpet tile patterns and colors are also affected by the price difference. It can be seen that dark and solid color carpet tiles, such as black, gray, are offered to users at more affordable prices compared to carpet tile models with three-dimensional geometric patterns. By comparing the price options with us, you can quickly get an idea about the prices of 50 x 50, 60 x 60 carpet tiles, which have an extremely wide range of uses. In addition, discounts can be followed and cheap carpet tile opportunities can be easily taken advantage of.

Carpet Tile usage areas

It can be used in all commercial type indoor areas. It is widely preferred in areas such as open and closed office floors, etc. Square carpets, which are especially preferred for commercial type office floors, are ideal for acoustic floor requests.

  • Office – Office Floors
  • Bank Branches and Management Offices
  • Public Institutions and Organization Grounds
  • Airport – Airport Floors
  • Congress Hall Floors
  • Theater Floors
  • Movie Theater Floors
  • Fairground Floors
  • Hotel Floors
  • Some Restaurant Floors
  • Store – Showroom Floors

Advantages of Carpet Tile Flooring

In general, it can be easily applied on reinforced concrete flooring as well as on raised flooring. And it can be combined with LVT floor covering to increase floor design options. The most important advantages are that the carpet that has been laid can be removed and replaced not as a whole, but with local intervention when necessary, and certain parts of it that are desired. In addition, the desired patterns can be created by using different colors with different combinations on the floor. Another advantage of square carpet – sized carpets is that they are more economical in total by reducing the waste rate. Square carpets are hygienic, do not smell, moisture, dampness, it is quite easy to clean. For this reason, it is often used in indoor areas such as office, showroom, office, and branch. It is antistatic, it does not transfer the electricity generated in the environment to the human body, and it grounds the electricity present in the human body.

Modern office environments with different closed and open office systems have been designed with flexibility in mind so that they are suitable for frequent design changes. Modular system floors can be easily adapted to new needs and reduce the cost of rearrangement. While tile carpets are applied; it provides a chance to make changes in telephone, electrical and other underfloor technical systems suitable for modular floor design.

  • Maximum design flexibility, maximum design and color flexibility
  • Fast and easy application technique
  • It provides strong architectural technical support.
  • Reduction of waste that may occur during application.
  • Revision or repair of damaged or stained parts
  • The smallest details can be quickly intervened and renewed.

Compatibility with other floor systems (Raised flooring, LVT, SPC, LVP, etc.

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