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Operating in London Canada, our firm is one of the best in Hardwood Flooring. We serve on the basis of 100% customer satisfaction. Our hardwood range is the best in Canada and we offer options for every budget. Our company, known as Best Hardwood Flooring at London Canada, serves London and its surroundings. Taking care of basic issues when decorating an area ensures that all other steps are healthier. The choice of floor, which affects the choice of carpets, rugs, furniture and all others, is therefore quite important. Nowadays, hardwood or laminate flooring is usually used on the floors. Hardwood, which has a very important place in the decoration of living spaces, is very important not only for the aesthetic appearance, but also for strengthening the insulation. for many years, both in industry and in every phase of the application on the ground need the experience we have gained by working in sales and marketing in line with solid wood flooring, laminated flooring, laminate flooring on the sale of products that are used in outdoor applications and after-sales services, we have a new angle that we operate with our own showroom, the world’s leading companies and brands.

What is Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood has become an indispensable flooring material and has become a popular application that takes its place in almost all places from shopping centers to homes. Hardwood, which stands out among other floorings, is a frequently preferred flooring product with its ease of use and convenient cleaning. Hardwood is a wood-based floor covering material. There are many different color and texture options. For this reason, it is often preferred nowadays. There are three types of hardwood due to the differences in the production process and the materials used. These are called solid hardwood, laminated hardwood and laminate flooring. Preference can be made according to durability, duration of use, possibility of repair, price and impact on human health.

Hardwood Types

  • Solid Hardwood

Hard and durable trees are used. It is formed as a result of high heat treatment of a single part. Since there is no intervention in its structure, it retains its natural properties and appearance. Its thickness Decays between 16-22mm. The part called the tenon on it provides ease at the assembly stage by allowing the hardwoods to pass through each other. Moisture control of the floor should be carried out before flooring hardwood. The humidity of the floor should not be higher than 20-30%. These values vary according to the preferred products. Humidity control is carried out with a humidity meter device. In addition, the floor must be clean and on the scales. Otherwise, damage to the hardwood may occur. Before the application is made, the place should be placed under appropriate conditions and the hardwoods should be kept for about 15 days. Thanks to this, the hardwood gets used to the ambient conditions. Primer is applied to the floor first. After the primer has dried, hardwood installation is carried out together with its special glue. After a certain period of time after installation, the sanding process called sistre is performed, and then polishing is performed. After that, paint and varnish can be done in the desired color. Its implementation should be carried out by specialized teams. Solid hardwood has a porous structure due to its natural nature and has the ability to breathe. It provides heat and sound insulation. It is sensitive to moisture. After a certain period of use, the deformation that will occur on the hardwood surface can be removed together with the sanding process called sistre and turned into the first day. Thus, it allows it to be used for a long time, but in cases requiring repairs, there will be a difference in appearance due to repairs to be made. In this case, it is necessary to consider the entire hardwood for repairs. Due to the fact that it is produced from a single piece of wood, it is difficult to process and the difficulties in repairing it, its cost is higher than other types of hardwood.

  • Laminated Hardwood

It is produced by compressing three layers of wood material under high heat and pressure. Easy-to-find coniferous trees or plywood are used for the substrate. This type of flooring, the thickness of which varies between 12 – 15 mm, consists of three layers of wood. Due to the use of natural wood in its upper layer, it has a porous structure similar to solid hardwood and has the ability to breathe. Laminated hardwood is more suitable in terms of cost than solid hardwood. Repair is easier. The option is more because the color and texture are printed on the laminate flooring. It is moisture resistant. It is not a natural product and may be objectionable to health due to the materials used. Laminate flooring is a product consisting of four main components or layers, and each layer has a separate role in the appearance and durability of the hardwood.

How to Make Hardwood Flooring?

  • You should first remove the skirting boards covering the places where the wall meets the floor and the door entrances. It is the right step to start from the door entrance. With the help of a spatula, move under the skirting board and remove the skirting board by moving the spatula to the right and left.
  • If your baseboards are fixed with screws or there is another part, you can remove such parts with a cordless screwdriver. If it is only the skirting boards that are passed, you can remove it as we described above.
  • After removing the skirting boards at the junction of the wall and floor with the help of a spatula, you can proceed to dismantling.
  • Starting from the door entrance, lift the first piece of hardwood slightly with the help of a spatula and pull it towards you. After the first piece, you can easily disassemble the interlocking hardwood.
  • Before proceeding to the flooring step, you should clearly decide how to lay the hardwood. If you want the area where you will lay the hardwood to look wider, you should lay the hardwood towards the wide part of the room. This rule does not apply if the room is square.
  • You need to lay the material that you will use for sound and heat insulation on the floor. You can use many different insulation materials under the hardwood. According to the characteristics of the floor, it may be useful to seek help from a specialist. For example, if there is a damp floor, it is more beneficial to choose a mattress. You can also use Styrofoam outside the mattress. In addition, you can also choose stronger materials called kapron and panetti as insulation. Whichever of these materials you are going to use, you should do the flooring process so that there is no gap in the ground.
  • Then you should put the 10 mm wedge on the walls in order not to have problems when placing the hardwood. In this way, you can prevent product jamming that may occur due to other factors, especially temperature.
  • Hardwoods usually have a lock system. In this way, you lock them by lining them up side by side and you can start flooring. When flooring, it does not look pleasant that the joints come to the bottom when flooring. For this reason, when you move to the lower row, you need to make sure that the junction does not come to the middle of the upper hardwood.
  • During the process of flooring the hardwood, the hardwood will be large in certain places. Therefore, you need to cut the hardwood. When cutting hardwood, you should clearly measure how many cm of a cut you need to make. You can easily cut the hardwood with the help of a saw.
  • In this way, by locking all the hardwoods, you can remove the wedges and assemble the skirting boards after completing the installation process.

Best Hardwood Flooring at London Canada

We are the Best Hardwood Flooring at London Canada, not us, our customers say. Thousands of our customers who get hardwood services from us are our reference. If you also need hardwood service around London Canada, you can call us immediately. Let us offer you the best options, present our price offer and decide together which the best is for you.

Hardwood Flooring Prices at Canada London

Hardwood types are determined according to the material from which it is made on the basis of prices and models. The function and quality of the material constitute the main point of price determination. Hardwood types and prices may vary depending on the value of the wood and the square meter of the house. This change starts with the most expensive product, the hardwood varieties produced from pure wood. These products, which come at a high cost, can also show a difference with the labor price. The most cost-effective product, on the other hand, is laminate flooring, which requires an economical budget. Laminate flooring, in addition to being economical, is a pleasant product that can meet the need for hardwood with its easy-to-apply structure.

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