Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a flooring material obtained by placing artificial resin solution impregnated papers on top of each other and compressing them by hot pressing method. With the pressure applied during hot pressing, the flooring appears.  Laminate is an affordable and easy-to-lay coating, so it is one of the most frequently preferred coating methods. In recent years, laminate flooring continues to increase its popularity day by day. In particular, it appears as a reliable alternative to solid wood and stone floors. The fact that the price is affordable also leads to an increase in demand for laminate, naturally. The raw material of the laminate is sawdust. Resin impregnated paper on sawdust is the name given to printing. The laminate can have different patterns by printing on it. As with solid hardwood, it does not require extra treatments such as varnish or lacquer. In addition, there is no such situation as fading under the influence of the sun’s rays. The first use that comes to mind when it comes to laminate is undoubtedly laminate flooring.

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