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Our company offers you a wide variety of flooring options. Tile & Mosaic options are the most favorite options, especially among those who prefer the authentic life. We have the best store in London Canada with a wide variety of tile and mosaic models. You can request a free presentation by contacting the tile and mosaic store near you. Many homes and businesses in London Canada use Tile & Mosaic flooring. Our products are guaranteed and first quality.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring; also known as decorative floor tile stone, is a type of floor covering that can be used indoors or outdoors, such as a garden, balcony. These decorative floor slabs with different patterns are used to beautify the landscape of living spaces. Tile floorings are usually used in building interiors, gardens and sidewalks. These tiles are commonly produced in sizes of 2.5x20x20 cm and 2.5x35x35 cm, as well as depending on the place of use, they can also be produced in larger and smaller sizes depending on demand and preference. Floor tiles are fabricated. Since it is produced in factories, there is almost no size difference in the tiles. They are made in different colors and patterns, they are highly resistant to abrasion, as well as decorative. Its application and repair is quite easy. Although screed and mosaic flooring crack in large areas, there is no cracking on tile floors. 2 mm joints are left in its flooring and the joints are filled with cement mortar.

Mosaic Flooring

It is the flooring made on concrete and reinforced concrete slabs after leveling concrete. These floorings are used in all areas of use in terraces, residential buildings, especially in wet areas, sidewalks and in front of buildings. Mosaic application is achieved by adding cement and dye to various natural stones. It is made by pouring the mosaic mortar into the molds prepared in accordance with the floor to be covered. Mosaic tiles are very old types of flooring. Floor mosaics are made of small round stones. They create a design pattern and give the room a beautiful look. Mosaic tiles are traditional flooring for residential and public buildings. It is made of materials such as glass, porcelain and ceramics. They are normally available in sizes 10’ by 10’ or 12’x12’’ and can be squares or even in odd shapes.

How is tile flooring done?

Flooring pebble tile requires mastery. Tile floor stones produced in different sizes are laid side by side on concrete mortar or stabilized sand and mounted. They are square shaped products. After it is placed on the floor, it is fixed to the floor by hitting it with the help of a hammer. It is then left to dry. First of all, the thickness of the tile ceramic is an element that you should pay attention to during the flooring process and it may force you in the thick ceramic flooring process. In order not to have any difficulties while flooring the ceramics, you should take care that the floor you are going to lay is a dry, clean and even surface. Thus, you can perform a quick and comfortable application without having to make too many adjustments for the tile ceramic dimensions. You can still plan the space before flooring, and if the motifs you will use are more than one, you can determine the location. After you pass the basic stage, you should start making the mortar that will help you to install the tiles. The trick to obtaining a good mortar is that it is neither too watery nor too stiff! You are now ready for flooring! You should arrange the cement mortar side by side like a ceramic tile and spread it on the floor. You should spread the mortar you spread on the surface evenly with a trowel, and you should get a smooth and even appearance. After this process, you can switch to ceramic tile flooring, you should place the tiles on the floor starting from the opposite side of the entrance door of the place where you will lay. If you have chosen a model with a polished ceramic, you should clean the surface of the ceramic by slightly moistening your sponge after each placement process. Otherwise, the mortar may dry out and damage the ceramic. However, if you prefer a model such as tile ceramic skirting board, there is no need to apply this process.

How is mosaic flooring done?

After the mosaic is applied, it is allowed to dry for between 24 and 72 hours depending on weather conditions Dec. After checking that the product is dry, the application team shaves 4 mm over the floor with wiping machines, and then fine wiping is performed with different diamond tips. This application must be applied wet. During the application, industrial-type vacuum cleaners are used, and water leakage is reduced to a minimum. After the shaving and wiping process is completed, mosaic polisher is applied on the floor. Thus, the design gets a much more vivid image. Cast mosaic staircase products, which have started to be used frequently in recent years, have also become an indispensable part of interior designs. In terms of visual beauty, it looks much more beautiful than normal stairs. It is among the reasons why it is preferred that it is not easily scratched and retains less dirt compared to normal stairs. One of the biggest advantages of the cast terrazzo staircase, which exhibits beautiful views with its design, is that the desired color selection can be made, so it is among the most preferred applications for home Decors.

Mosaic applications, which have more than one variety, are prepared in accordance with the desired demands and offer you the material opportunity you need.

Tile & Mosaic at London Canada

As the best Tile & Mosaic store in London Canada, we offer many different alternatives. We never discriminate between our corporate and individual customers and our service quality is at the highest level. In commercial places, cafes, restaurants, holiday villages, hotels, spas, retail stores and offices, mosaic tiles provide an easy-to-care, durable and striking image. It is also suitable for use in wet areas such as bathroom walls, kitchen bedrooms, living rooms, entrances, libraries, stairs, fireplaces and bathroom floors. You can contact London Canada Tile & Mosaic so that we can offer you the most suitable options and prices.

Tile ceramics are basically varied according to the areas of use and in different sizes. Depending on the degree of cooking and the characteristics of the structure, they provide the possibility of indoor and outdoor use with the different technical structure and durability levels they have gained. Due to its non-slip structure, water and moisture resistance, and protecting its integrity without wearing out in the face of load and traffic, tiles offer a long-term and comfortable service life on the walls and floors of spaces. Tiles, in addition to their physical properties, invite your spaces to be more stylish than ever with the aesthetic perceptions emitted by ceramic flooring.

Wall and floor tiles that increase the quality of the environment with their elegance in the interiors can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. Floor tiles designed for domestic floors add value to the space they are used in with their modern designs, while offering functionality in terms of use in homes with their robust, durable and maintenance-free structures. Glazed ceramic tile ranges that have a glassy coating the surface on the body by minimizing the transmission, providing protection against water and moisture between the ideal models with ceramics by the kitchen counter in the lobby. These surfaces, which limit the vital activities of microorganisms, are also often preferred as bathroom ceramics due to the extra hygienic conditions they provide.

The dimensions that differ in ceramics are one of the determining elements of the structural properties and aesthetic values of tiles. Ceramics with a thickness of over 7.5 millimeters provide increased load resistance. Generally, floor tiles and porcelain tiles are produced thicker and exhibit a performance suitable for the intended use of the surfaces on which they are laid. Tile ceramics can be produced in large and small, square or rectangular shapes, as well as different designs can be made using these products. While large-sized tiles provide convenience during installation in spaces with a large surface area, smaller and minimal ceramics are preferred in strong designs in terms of ensuring the frequency of patterns and leaving an intense aesthetic impression.

Ceramic models, which have a rich catalog, play the main role in carrying the traces of creativity in the space by eliminating the boundaries in the designs. While they add light and spaciousness to the living spaces with their bright and light color options, they also make the environment unusual with their concrete, stone or marble textures in matte colors and give it an impressive appearance. Wooden textured tile ceramics, on the other hand, embody all the elements that support a warm and romantic style. It is quite easy and enjoyable to show the space you live in as your dream with ceramic tiles that have models that support every decoration style you want for your home!

The Most Suitable Tile Ceramics for Your Home London Canada

Tile ceramic collections offers you all the alternatives that will make your home or workplaces an unusual appearance with a wide range of products. You can examine the ceramics that complement the decoration of your living spaces and at the same time stand out with their functionality among tile collections with special designs, and you can combine your Flooring with the richness of different textures. It’s time to create a ceramic effect in your home!

Prices of Tile & Mosaic at London Canada

Tile & Mosaic at London Canada prices vary per square meter. The place where the flooring application will be made is examined and the product you need is selected and pricing is made. Our product prices include labor and application. Call us now for Canada London Tile & Mosaic prices. Let us offer you the best price alternatives and payment terms.

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