Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl tile is divided into three types according to the purpose of use as a lock system (click), gluing and take-off-plug. Vinyl tile takes its place as the most preferred after PVC floor covering. Vinyl tile, which is more of a second-hand purchase, is generally preferred by architects because it has many appearance features. It is one of the flexible floor coverings that you can meet anywhere. It is softer than it looks and made of other materials. This soft feature also reduces noise pollution. Vinyl tile, which has a low cost in terms of price, is also very preferred in this respect. Despite its low cost, it is rarely preferred among flooring that provide the highest level of comfort. Vinyl tile, which is sensitive to moisture, is preferred for bathrooms or kitchens because of this aspect. It is the floor covering that puts itself forward one more click with its aesthetic appearance. In addition, since there are two separate types as flexible and tile-sheet, the floor covering manages to take its place in the first place in the usage ranking. Vinyl tile, which is produced from natural materials, ranks second in the world with its aesthetic appearance. Our company, which has been providing this service in London, Canada for years, has an experienced and expert staff. Before you get Canada London nearby Vinyl tile service, be sure to call us and we will offer you the best deals. Our company, which has the best vinyl Tile store in London Canada, is happy to serve you with its well-equipped team.

Advantages of Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is a floor covering that is more aesthetic than other coatings and has many color alternatives. The fact that it has a structure that takes precautions against sliding hazards, does not have any mold-abrasion, does not produce energy and does not have the possibility of catching fire as a result of high heat has put Vinyl tile on the second place in the world. It has a floor covering feature that can be easily placed without any difficulties at the installation stage. For customers who do not want to waste time and hassle, Vinyl tile has taken its place in the first places. In terms of ease of installation, it is preferred in most shopping malls, places such as business organizations. Being made with natural materials and aesthetic; it is the most ideal useful floor covering for people who want innovation or change. Vinyl tile, which offers many color and variety alternatives, can also stand out in other parquet models in terms of innovation and creativity. Vinyl tile, which you can place your own special order with the materials Natural wood, concrete, stone, etc.; can offer you a better option in terms of durability and appearance. Although it does not need frequent maintenance and easy cleaning, it still attracts attention with its still clean structure. In addition to its ease of use, it has also managed to take its place in the first place of the preferred ones with its recycling feature.

Vinyl Tile Features

  • It is resistant to moisture and water.

  Due to its water and moisture sensitivity, it has become a more preferred floor covering in kitchen or bathroom areas. Since there is very little possibility of leaking the liquid into it and making any mold with moisture, it allows it to have a long service life.

  • It does not wear, mold or make permanent marks.

  It does not make any wear or permanent marks on the floor coverings that are constantly stepped on and walked on and off.

  • It is resistant to high temperature.

   Vinyl Tile, which has precautions against the possibility of catching fire, is also at the highest level in terms of trust. For this reason, the Vinyl Tile made on the underfloor heating floors does not cause any problems.

  • It does not require frequent maintenance in terms of cleaning.

  Despite the constant walking in crowded environments, it does not have a material structure that requires constant maintenance in terms of cleanliness.

  • It prevents noise pollution.

  Vinyl Tile, which has the ability to absorb sounds, has become the most ideal solution for quiet areas.

Vinyl Tile Application Process

The ability to be installed in a short time and the fact that it costs little ensures that the fee at the installation stage corresponds to a small cost. Vinyl Tile is ready for use 24 hours after the installation is completed. Vinyl tile, which does not need to be cleaned frequently after cleaning once, can also protect itself from external damage factors in daily life.

It is very important that the floor on which the adhesive Vinyl tile will be applied is clean, especially before the installation Jul. The cleanliness of the place increases the adhesive value and durability. Jul. Otherwise, Vinyl tile made on the floor that is not clean; it will lose its feature in a short time Jul.

The most important thing to be considered for floors with a height of 5-6mm is to use the commercial type Vinyl tile material structure taken against crowd prevention.

  • Flexible Vinyl tile

 It is important that the place where the flexible Vinyl tile will be applied is completely smooth. Otherwise, the flexible Vinyl tile that has been applied and installed will deteriorate its function and appearance in a short time.

  • Hard Vinyl tile

Although it is not very important whether the floor to be applied is rough or smooth, a lock system is always preferred in the hard Vinyl tile variety.

Vinyl Tile Types

Dry Back Vinyl Tile

Dry back Vinyl Tile, completes its installation in a very short time with its easily adhesive feature. The dry back Vinyl Tile, which is more robust than other types, increases the durability of the printed area thanks to its adhesive material.

Click Vinyl Tile

It is the Vinyl Tile that dominates the lock system, which can be installed and removed as if the lock is disassembled and opened. He is among those who can offer the opportunity to return decisively.

Loose lay Vinyl Tile


It is a Vinyl Tile type that performs its installation instantly with the ability to be easily removed and installed from its place and offers the possibility to go back and remove it again in the slightest wrong placement.

Vinyl Tile Usage Areas

Vinyl Tile, which is also used to absorb sound in quiet environments, is also used in hospitals, health institutions, movie theaters, nursing homes, schools, etc. it can be used in places. In addition, Vinyl Tile, which offers many alternatives in terms of appearance; in offices, architectural centers, etc. it can also be used for beautiful and aesthetic appearance in organizations.

Why you should use Vinyl Tile?

Vinyl Tile is a more innovative and aesthetic type of coating compared to other floor coverings. It has countless colors, patterns and varieties. It can maintain its color and original appearance for years even with routine maintenance. It is a non-slip, antistatic, asbestos-free, non-corrosive, anti-bacterial, non-flammable, heat-insulating, health-friendly, solvent-free, sound-absorbing and non-polishing floor covering. Vinyl tile, which is used in the form of tiles or sheets and is a highly flexible material, is; due to the fact that it has the appearance of carpet, granite, concrete, ceramics and parquet, it has the property of being a durable material preferred by many decorators and architects.

Vinyl Tile has a fairly wide range of designs. In this context, when you examine the design examples, the extremely stylish patterns that you can choose for the floor covering will inspire you for your new living space. You can see that the element of naturalness comes to the fore in many design examples that you can find within the category. Vinyl Tile designs also have options suitable for modern designs in accordance with the trends of floor covering systems.

Although the usage areas of Vinyl Tile are quite wide, the installation process is also quite easy, which is another important reason for choosing Dec. Its use is widespread, especially in commercial areas. In this direction; offices, shopping malls, hotels and various stores can be exemplified as the main application areas. The preliminary impressions of the visitors in these areas about the relevant brand are seriously impressive. For this reason, when preferred in the right area, it also directly positively affects the brand reputation.

Vinyl Tile Canada London

Vinyl Tile Canada London that caters to expectations is different from other floor coverings in terms of many features. This vinyl tile is more at the forefront of aesthetic aspects. Vinyl Tile Canada London applied over large areas are applied at more affordable prices today compared to previous periods. You can request these floor coverings especially from the corporate construction company at no additional cost. Vinyl Tile Canada London has a high resistance and is covered by a 100% warranty. For this reason, it maintains its quality for many years. The characteristics of wood or stone close to nature feel and excellent if you want to have a solid enough surface for many years, Vinyl Tile Canada London one of the options will be the right choice for you.

Vinyl Tile Cost Canada/ London

Call us for the latest Vinyl Tile Cost Canada/London! Prices vary depending on the area of use and square meters. That is why it is impossible to write current prices on the website. Pay us a call so that we can serve you better and we will discuss the easiest payment methods for you together.

If you live in London, Canada and you have not found a Vinyl Tile store near you, call us and we will provide a free consultation service immediately. You can be sure that you are in the right place for Vinyl Tile.

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