Rubber Flooring Installation in London, Ontario

Rubber Flooring Installation in London, Ontario

Tile flooring is a versatile product that offers practically unlimited styles, which makes it the perfect flooring material to create truly unique looks. Tile is also a great flooring option for areas that are prone to spills and splashes as it resists most spills and is easy to wipe clean. If you want a lasting, attractive flooring solution that resists moisture and looks great in kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms in your home, tile flooring is a classic solution. Tile has been used for thousands of years, but modern techniques offer more choices in finishes, colors and effects than ever before.

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Floor Tiles Fitting Service

What Is Tile Flooring?
Tile flooring is hard-surface flooring made of small manufactured pieces of material. Hard-surface tile floors tend to offer more structure than vinyl or softer materials, covering small imperfections in the floor and not necessitating as smooth a surface as vinyl. Tiles can last for years and are generally low-maintenance, easily cleaned with a vacuum, brush or mop. Tile floors offer many options. There are floors with even or uniquely-shaped tiles and tiles that have been specially treated to be moisture, stain, scratch and slip-resistant. Tile floors can imitate the look of many natural materials — in fact, some are made from them.

Types of Tile Flooring
Two common types of tile flooring that are especially popular include ceramic and porcelain floor tiles.

1. Ceramic Tile Flooring
Ceramic tile flooring is made from clay or synthetic materials, often treated with heat and covered with a glaze or protective finishes. Today’s ceramic tile flooring can imitate stone, slate, wood and other materials and comes in a rainbow of colors.

Ceramic floors are very durable and will work in even high-traffic areas. No matter what you spill on them, there’s no need to worry. Ceramic tile is waterproof, and it also resists stains, dents, chips and scuffs. For high use, there are also finishes that make this already-tough flooring even more hard-wearing. Some ceramic floor tiles come with slip-resistant finishes to keep you safe.

2. Porcelain Tile Flooring
Porcelain is formed by heating synthetic and naturally-occurring materials at very high heat until they are hardened. Porcelain tile flooring is even harder and more durable than ceramic flooring and is heated at higher temperatures, making it very dense and more adaptable to a broader range of designs and styles. Porcelain tiles also have a very low moisture absorption, so if your room will get very hot and then very cold because you live in a cold climate, this tile may be very durable and will resist cracking when compared with other types of flooring.

Porcelain tile flooring is an investment that will last for many years, even with lots of use. It’s easy to maintain and clean, and you never need to worry about spilling water on porcelain tiles since it’s water-resistant. This type of flooring does not retain allergens such as dust, mites or pollen, making it ideal for homes where individuals have allergies. This quality also makes porcelain floor tiles a popular option for homes with children or pets. 

Our Floor Tiles Installation Process

What do we do as a part of the tile floor fitting service?

Flooring Service, we are a full-service flooring center with a 100% commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team is highly dedicated to providing customers with the best installation and continual service throughout the lifecycle of the flooring product we sell and install.

What To Expect
Of the various do-it-yourself (DIY) floor covering installation challenges, ceramic tile is going to be for the advanced DIYer or a professional. Tile requires very particular sub-floor preparation. Frequently, a water-resistant backer-board is affixed to the subfloor, providing a secure, stable surface for tile installation. As with all other forms of floor covering offered by Floor Service, we have well-trained, skilled and experienced installers for your project. You can rely on them to produce a beautiful finished job, and to be careful and respectful of your home and property in the process. A pre-installation walk-through with your tile installer will help ensure that you are prepared for the big day. The matters of removal and disposal of old flooring, trim, sub-floor preparation, and door clearance can be addressed during the walk-through.


During Your Installation
On installation day, you should plan to be home. Expect a lot of noise and the potential for some above average dust. With that, you should have a plan for keeping children and pets well clear of the work areas. You should have the room completely clear of furniture, according to your discussion with the installer ahead of time. Plan to provide ventilation for the new floor area, post-installation, to help clear related odors and dust.


After Your Installation
New ceramic tile projects need time to cure and solidify. Typically, floors should not be walked on for at least 48 hours after the tiles are laid; similarly, ceramic tile shower stalls and counters should remain completely moisture free for a couple days so the grout can completely dry.

If you have questions about floor maintenance, we would be happy to answer them for you. Feel free to contact us.

Why entrust your tile flooring installation to Flooring Service?

Expert tile floor fitting

The technicians we work with are true professionals in their field and always aim to deliver the best results. Their experience allows them to transform your project ideas into reality in the most efficient way. The professionals are familiar with the quality of the materials and will be able to give you their expert advice.


Free quote and on-site survey

We understand that floor fitting can be a costly project, which is why we seek to provide you with as much information as possible. The laminate floor fitting service by Fantastic Services comes with a free consultation prior to the installation. The local floor fitters will perform a full inspection of the floor conditions first and provide you with a fixed, no-obligation quote. If you are satisfied with the estimate, you can proceed with the service by easily booking it online or filling out the form on the spot.



Suitable for both business and domestic clients

Laminate is a quite versatile flooring solution and can become a great addition to any home or office. If you decide to improve the flooring in your house or commercial premises, the teams we work with can assist you with professional laminate floor fitting. Additionally, you can benefit from a range of different flooring services.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take the tile installers to install new tiles?

Your installer will be able to provide you with a project length estimate depending on any additional work that is required.

What to expect from your service

You can expect to receive a full end to end service from Flooring Service. The area for tiling will be thoroughly prepared. Your installation includes adhesive, plastic trim and standard grout colours to finish your tiling, and all debris will be cleared and disposed of in an envrionmentally friendly manner.

What exactly is subfloor and why does it matter?

The subfloor is the layer of floor that is directly under your flooring and above your floor joist. It exists to provide support for your flooring and creates a smooth, flat surface for your installation project. Concrete provides a stable subfloor for tile installation. Plywood is not recommended, as it can expand and contract. Our installation professionals are equipped to answer your questions before your tile installation project begins.

How do I know if I’m choosing the right type of tile for my room?

If you’re tiling a floor, make sure the tiles have the right floor tile wear rating (PEI rating). Make sure you don’t use wall tiles on floors and check the floor surface can take the combined weight of the tiles.

Will my tiles require maintenance?

Natural stone tiles need sealing when they’re laid as well as resealing around every six months. Before buying tiles, take the time to understand any care and maintenance needed.

How do I measure before buying?

Measure the area you’re tiling so you know how many packs of tiles you need. Most tiles come in packs that cover one square metre. If you are looking to tile a floor, measure the width and length, multiply them together to give you the square metre area. Alternatively, if you are tiling a wall, measure the width and the height, multiply this together to give you the square metre area. If your wall has doors, windows or fixed cupboards, work out their areas and subtract them from the total area you'll be tiling. Buy 5 – 10% more tiles than you need – This allows for breakages and any discrepancies in shade. You can always return unused boxes of tiles if you have the receipt and it’s within 30 days of purchase.

What's the difference between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles are made from clay and topped with a decorative glaze that’s then hardened by heat.

  • Easy to cut and fix
  • Protective top layer resistant to water and stains
  • Resistant to high humidity conditions
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Affordable and less expensive than natural stone or porcelain tiles
  • Suitable for light traffic areas including Bathrooms*

Porcelain tiles are fired at a much higher temperature than ceramic tiles making them denser, very hard working and more waterproof.

  • Hard-wearing and durable due to denser material than ceramic
  • Scratch-resistant and hygienic
  • Strong imitation of all natural materials
  • Lower maintenance than real stone
  • Available glazed, unglazed or polished
  • Suitable for high traffic areas including living areas, Kitchens & Bathrooms*

*See product details for more information in regards to tiling suitability.

What areas do you cover?

We perform this service anywhere in the London. You can schedule a free on-site survey 24/7 with our online booking form.

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