Terms and Conditions For Shipping and Delivery Services

Flooring Service DOES NOT deliver product, rather we sub‐contract delivery to a third‐party company and acts as the middle‐man between the customer and the delivery company. Flooring Service does this as a convenience to the customer and therefore isn’t responsible for delays or complaints pertaining to delivery of any product. Please note that No Appointments OR Time of Delivery provided for delivery services as arrival depends on many factors that are out of control of the delivery company such as traffic jams, numbers of companies picking up material prior to us, numbers of staff at manufacturers’ warehouse, etc.

Third‐party Delivery Company offers two different services: Curb-side Delivery (Without-Off-Loading) and Delivery-With-Offloading.

Curb-Side Delivery (Without Off‐Loading) means the product will be dropped off at curb-side, driveway or garage (if no obstruction to wheel passage). Neither Flooring Service nor the delivery company will be responsible for damages that occur after curb-side delivery. Curb-side delivery is the default delivery service for all delivery services mentioned in our website.
Delivery With Offloading means product will be brought in to only the main floor of the house (No basement, no second-floor, no side-entrance or any other entrance other than front door). Additional charges apply for Delivery With Offloading. Please contact us for a custom quote.
Delivery to Residential Addresses Less Than 50 Km Away: We gladly offer free shipping or flat-rate-shipping to residential addresses within 50 km of Flooring Service’ showroom location. Flooring Service offers Curb-Side-Delivery or Delivery With Offloading (additional charges apply) for addresses that are less than 50 km away.