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We, Flooring Service, strive to provide you with highest quality products, including laminate, hardwood, vinyl plank, tile, and carpet that accommodate every budget. Whether you prefer traditional, modern or contemporary design, we have great selection of products that will fit your needs. We excel in making your dream a reality. The quality of service we provide cannot be beaten!


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Natural tones of wood for laminate, vinyl plank, and hardwood flooring will be the new focus this year. Although dark colors still remain popular, light-toned wood looks will be one of the most prevalent flooring trends in 2023. In terms of carpet, light and bright neutral colors are trending. 


What flooring is best?

It really depends on your preference. Although hardwood remains to be one of the top choices due to its great appearance and long term return of investment, laminate can be more budget-friendly, while vinyl plank is water-proof and more suited in high-moisture areas. Carpet flooring, on the other hand,  provides warmth and adds texture to your space. 

You can use the guide below to decide which type of material is the best for your space and your budget.

Flooring choices

  • Vinyl Tile & Plank Flooring.
  • Laminate Flooring.
  • Waterproof Flooring.
  • Hardwood Flooring.
  • Tile Flooring.
  • Carpet & Carpet Tile flooring.

Quality Flooring For Every Need & Style

Make the best choice possible for your home. Locally owned and operated, Flooring Service will bring you high-quality, professional flooring, ceramic tiling, and home improvement services.

Getting vinyl, hardwood, and laminate flooring installed in your London Ontario home has never been easier. Give Flooring Service Company a call! We offer professional flooring supplies and installation services for all homes and businesses across London, Ontario.



We work with all the popular styles of luxury vinyl, waterproof, laminate, vinyl planks, hardwood, tile and carpet flooring to bring you the very best finishes for your space. If you are looking to improve your flooring, browse samples or just explore an upgrade, then call now!



We have worked closely with businesses and homeowners in London, Ontario for over 10 years to give them the floors of their dreams.

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Step by Step Flooring Installation

Vinyl, laminate, hardwood, tile, carpet etc. flooring installation steps.

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